All About Wool Carpet Rug Styles and Colours

Our luxurious wool rugs come in different shapes, textures, designs and pile types. You are bound to find something to suit your style and functional needs in our incredible range of rugs.

The 3 Types of Wool Rugs: Cut Pile and Loop Pile


Rug pile refers to the rug's appearance and describes the length and finish of the tufts of yarn. 

The rugs pile is determined by how the tufts of wool yarn are threaded through the backing and what is done to the tufts once they have been threaded through. How a rug is tufted can dramatically change the appearance of the final product - which is how we craft our extensive range of beautiful designs.

All Bremworth rugs fall into the three broad categories of cut pile, hard-twist cut pile and looped pile:

1. Cut pile wool rugs

What is a Cut Pile Rug? These rugs have had the tufts of wool cut to a desired height, hence the name 'cut pile'. Depending on the rug design, these tufts can be cut at the same height for a uniform look or at varied heights to create a textured finish.

What we love about cut-pile rugs:

  • Great for high-traffic areas: cut pile rugs with a twist in their tufts make them more resistant to crushing and matting. This makes cut-pile rugs excellent for high-traffic areas like entryways and hallways.
  • Softer, comfier feel: cut-piles that are longer are also referred to as plush piles and have a more luxurious and softer surface, great for bedrooms and living rooms where comfort and luxury are paramount.
  • Unique options: Cut-pile rugs also come in variations like hard-twist (known as frieze), felted plush, felted twist, and even shag piles with a long, hard-twist cut pile for a retro, 70s-style appearance.

Charmeuse is one of our best-selling cut-pile rugs in the shade 'Clay'. Recreating the soft feel of crushed velvet, the rug is 14.8mm in thickness with a sturdy woven jute backing.

 rug on wooden floor

 2. Hard-twist cut pile rugs

What is a Hard-twist cut pile rug? Also known as 'Saxony rugs', these are a variation of classic cut pile rugs. Hard-twist rugs have less twist, which gives them a smooth, luxurious feel. They also have more distinctive tuft ends than cut pile plush carpets rugs in which the tuft ends blend together to create a velvety finish.

What we love about hard twist-cut pile rug:

  • A popular and hard-wearing style – the yarn is tightly twisted and set so the tufts won’t flatten, which makes it great for areas with lots of foot traffic.
  • Luxuriously textured surface that's less prone to displaying shading or tracking.

3. Looped pile rugs

What is a loop Pile rug? Rugs with short, densely-packed loops. They can be further classified into:

  • Levelled, looped rugs such as Levante
  • Chunky, felted loop pile rugs like the Tussore.
  • Textured loop pile rugs, like the Lattice.

What we love about loop pile rug carpets:

  • Loop pile rugs are easy-care
  • They don't easily show footprints
  • Best suited to busy homes or people with young children.

Here's the stunning Lattice loop pile rug in the shade 'Weathered Grey' designed in a trendy circular shape. If you like this style, explore these five classic round rug ideas for a living room.

In addition to these three main styles of rug piles, you'll also find Berber pile and heathered pile rugs. These are covered in detail in this complete guide to rug piles and weaves.

Wool Rug Trends For 2024

Here are the four biggest trends that our designers are predicting for rugs in 2024.

Bold coloured rugs


Bold, eye-catching rugs in colourful shades of sunshine yellow, mossy green, and warm sienna are trending. You can find similar shades in our rug collection, but, we also have new collections coming up soon, with a stunning palette that explores the spectrum of these vibrant hues. 

Sienna Sage Indigo Weka


Neutral-coloured rugs

Neutral-coloured rugs are also seeing a rise in popularity in home décor trends. Bremworth offers a diverse selection of neutrals in our bespoke rug collection. Neutral rugs with a touch of green are especially gaining popularity to complement natural materials.

Embrace the trend with these warmer-tone neutrals from our collection.

Parchment Simoon Cambric Surah

Plush Rugs

Caption: Our new MacKenzie rug is a velvety, smooth, plush cut-pile design

Plush rugs are stealing the spotlight as a top trend because of their soft, luxurious feel. They are a designer's choice for adding a rich, velvet look to a space.
Keep your eyes peeled for new collections launching soon. You can also find out from our YouTube channel, which features wool rug maintenance videosrug styling tips from our designers and styling tips from our designers.

Textured Rugs

Caption: The stunning Levante rug has a heathered pile design with a unique marled effect.

Textured rugs are gaining popularity for their dual appeal — beauty and practicality. Beyond their aesthetic charm, textured rugs are good at hiding dirt and stains and giving a more relaxed look.

Berber and heathered rugs are great options for textured rugs. With closed-loop structures, Berber rugs resist spills, and their flecks of colour cleverly conceal soiling. Meanwhile, heathered rugs, like Levante, hide stains effectively with a marled effect.

While it's great that these rugs hide stains and spills cleverly, it's best to clean up any messes quickly. Just follow the simple cleaning steps in this guide to keep your wool rug looking good for longer.


Your Top Questions on Rugs Answered

What style of rug is most popular?

living room with wool rug
Caption: The Galet rug in the shade 'Sage'.

Level-loop and textured-loop pile rugs are pretty popular. We also find rugs that don’t have a clear direction, like our Galet, Samurai and Levante rugs, are quite popular. This embodies a trend driving towards versatility and unique designs.

What is the best rug that doesn't flatten?

Wool rugs are fantastic at resisting flattening. Wool maintains its shape exceptionally well, especially in a tight-level loop design with long-lasting resilience to keep your investment looking and feeling luxurious for years.

Which coloured rug goes with everything?sitting chair in living room with wool rug

Our best-selling neutral rugs with green/grey or green/beige undertones complement most decor elements such as wooden furniture, leather furnishings, light and dark-coloured walls, and various fabrics and textures.

Timelessly elegant, these shades harmonise with other décor pieces, ensuring your space looks stylish and cohesive.


Final Thoughts On Wool Rug Styles And Colours

Just as the energy and motivation of the designer are woven into the weft and warp of every rug, your choice of a wool rug should reflect your personal style and creativity.

Hence, selecting the right wool rug is more than matching colours with your decor or choosing the ideal style for your room. It's about making a statement about who you are and how you perceive beauty.

Here's what you need to consider when exploring wool rug styles and colours:

  • Understand the unique characteristics of cut piles, hard-twist cut piles and looped pile carpet rugs.
  • Discover the new trends for rugs, which include neutral and bold coloured rugs, textured rugs, plush rugs and textured rugs.
  • Level-loop and textured-loop pile rugs are the most popular due to their durability and versatility.
  • If you want a rug that doesn't flatten easily, invest in a wool rug, specifically a wool rug with a tight-level loop design.
  • Choose neutral rugs with green/grey or green/beige undertones for a more cohesive look.

If you still have questions, why book a complimentary rug consultation with one of our designers, who will help you pick the right rug style and colour and guide you on customising the perfect rug for your space? Explore our luxurious wool rug collection here if you're ready to start looking at rugs.