5 Classic Round Rug Looks For Your Living Room

Are you looking for some modern, on-trend ideas to style a round rug in your living room? If you're like most of us, it can be pretty daunting trying to figure out how best to arrange furniture and accessories with this unique shape.

But there's no need to stress! We have put together this list of five absolutely-gorgeous round rug living room ideas that are sure to inspire you.

Before we dive into these five styles, let's understand a few basics about round rugs.


Round Rug Style FAQS - 3 Questions You'll Want To Ask

Does a round rug look good in a living room?

Round rugs look fantastic in a living room. They draw the eye around a room in a flowing motion and help create a cosy, inviting atmosphere that encourages conversation and relaxation. They work especially well in small living rooms as they create an illusion of more space.

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How do I choose a round rug for my living room?

Measuring is the key to choosing the right round rug. If you want all the furniture legs to sit on top of the round rug, measure the seating area of your living rooms instead of measuring from wall to wall.

But, if you want the round rug to fill an entire room, measure the space so that the rug sits at least two feet from the walls.

Click here for more guidance on placing a rug.

Should the living room rug be bigger than the couch?

For the perfect look and feel, make sure your round rug is 20cm wider than each side of your sofa. If you have space in between furniture pieces, then allow up to 90cm of walking area (at least 45-60cm) and that should give you an idea how large a round rug you need!

Now that we have covered round rug placement, let's move on to the fun part! Exploring the different designs and colours for your round rug.

5 Gorgeous Round Rug Ideas For The Living Room

1. Minimalist Scandinavian-Style Round Rug

Refresh your living space with a timeless, bright and airy style! A small round rug in front of the sofa increases light reflection for an open, spacious area.

Keep it simple by highlighting only one or two colours on neutral wall tones such as white, grey, beige and wood - creating a minimalist Scandinavian look to elevate the beauty of any room.

2. Add A Pop Of Colour To Your Living Room

Bold, bright-coloured round rugs are the way to go. Choose a vibrant shade that will contrast with your living room furniture, such as orange, yellow or red. This will instantly give any space some life and character!


3. Bring The Outdoors In With Green Round Rugs

green round rug

Bring the beauty of nature into your home with a green round rug. Whether you choose a vibrant emerald shade or leafy olive hue, this look is perfect to create a natural haven in your living room.

Our collection of customisable living room rugs can come in a variety of green shades, such as Sage and Midori, so you can get the shade of green that best fits your home.


4. The Minimalist Round Rug Look

Go for round rugs in shades of white, beige or grey and pair them with neutral-toned furniture. This is the perfect look to create a modern and sophisticated living room that exudes both class and serenity.


 5. Round Rugs in Natural Tones and Textures

For a modern yet natural look, opt for a round rug that mimics natural tones and textures, such as jute, like our Lattice NZ Wool Rug.


If you're feeling inspired and ready to browse some round rugs, head over to our online rug store, where you'll find a beautiful selection of rugs of all shapes and sizes made from 100% NZ wool.