A Definitive Guide To Buying A Rug In New Zealand

Wool rugs aren't just a décor element, they are a practical and essential investment for your home. So, before heading to a rug store, take some time to review these key points that will save you from the costly mistake of buying a rug that doesn't fit or match your home.

Wool Rug Terminology: 6 Important Words Decoded


How thick a wool rug is. There are five types of rug piles, but the two main ones are cut pile and loop pile.

Cut pile wool rug
Loop pile wool rug
Cut Pile Loop Pile


How the fibres are woven or knotted to form the rug's base. There are two types of weaves:

  • Warp: vertical threads that run the length of the rug.
  • Weft: horizontal threads interlaced through the vertical warp threads.


The yarn of a rug is, in essence, the very fabric of its being. The look, feel, and durability of your rug are all influenced by the quality and material of the yarn. Wool is a premium choice for rug yarn, as it’s known for:

  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Sound absorption
  • Hypoallergenic properties
  • Amazing durability
  • Flame-resistance
  • Ultimate cosiness

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Anti Slip Mat

The backing of a rug is the unseen hero of its design, providing much-needed support and structure. It's what helps your rug maintain its shape over time, and it's also what prevents the rug from slipping and sliding on your floor.

For extra support and durability, we make our rugs with two layers of backing:

  • Woven polypropylene is the primary backing chosen for its high flexibility and strength.
  • Woven jute, is the secondary backing selected for its naturally soft and resilient texture.


The binding that's sewn around the rug prevents it from unravelling or fraying. You can customise your Bremworth rug with these three types of edging:

  • Fabric edge finish
  • Concealed edge finish
  • Overlocked edge finish

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Buying Rugs In-Store vs Online

Are you unsure whether to buy rugs in-store or online? Both options have their unique benefits.

  • In-store rug shopping: There's a certain tactile allure to seeing, touching, and feeling the rugs in person. It's easier to visualise how a rug will fit into your personal space, how it feels underfoot, and get a true sense of the colours and textures.
Shopping in-store also allows you to ask questions and receive expert advice in real-time.
  • Online shopping: You can explore a wide variety of colours and styles with just a few clicks. Plus, with Bremworth's free sample service, you have the opportunity to see and feel your favourite wool rugs before making a purchase.

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The Importance of Choosing the Right Rug

The right wool rug can pull a space together and act as a base for your entire room decor, tying together furniture and accessories to create a cohesive design.

A wrong rug, on the other hand, can disrupt the aesthetic harmony of your space, reduce comfort, and lead to premature wear and tear. Unlike a fleeting trend, a rug is an investment piece meant to stand the test of time. Avoid this, by carefully considering these four key factors.

4 Big Factors To Consider Before Buying a Rug

Size and Shape

Size: Different rooms have different layouts and size requirements, so a living room and bedroom rug might not require the exact dimensions.

For example, a living room rug should extend 20 cm on every side to gracefully encompass all furniture pieces. On the flip side, a bedroom rug should stretch at least 50 cm beyond the bed's edges, ensuring a plush greeting for your feet each morning.

Living room rug placement

Shape: In the world of rugs, the shape of a rug can make a big difference to your room's look and feel.

  • Square and rectangular rugs are versatile classics, perfect for defining spaces and making furniture groups look unified. They're a top pick for living and dining areas.
  • Round rugs offer a softer, more organic feel, ideal for disrupting an area full of straight lines. They are excellent for children's rooms and small nooks or entranceways.

Our rugs are strategically categorised by room type to help you find the perfect piece to enhance your space.

Rug Style

Galet Sage Rug in modern green living room

Our Galet in Sage perfectly represents Mid-Century style.

Rugs come in a range of colours and styles ranging from minimalist to ultra-luxurious. They fully depend on your interior wants and needs and your aesthetic.


Lisburn Venise Rug

Choose a rug that gives you the right feels. Whether you prefer the luxurious softness of a chunky loop pile or the versatile textures of Berber and heathered pile, the pile of the rug is fully dependent on your preferred aesthetic.

Maintenance and Cleaning

How much maintenance are you willing to put in? If the answer is "not a lot", your best option is a wool rug. They are naturally stain and soil-resistant, which means it’s easy to clean, and you can remove most spills with just water.

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What size rug should I choose for my living room?

According to Bremworth's in-house designer, Lily Ng, a living room rug should be "enough to fit under the couch, coffee table and to stop before the TV unit. It needs to be 20 cm away from the wall. So, an area rug would fit under most living room items".

What are the benefits of choosing a wool rug over synthetic materials?

Wool is naturally hypoallergenic, stain-resistant, and fire-resistant, contributing to a warm, dry, and healthy home environment. Plus, being 100% natural, renewable, and biodegradable material makes it a better choice for eco-conscious shoppers.

How can you tell if a rug is good quality?

You can tell a rug’s quality from the materials used: rugs made from wool are excellent indicators of high quality. For a firsthand experience, consider ordering samples online or visiting the store to touch and feel the luxurious pile of the rug.

What is the best way to measure the size of a room for rug shopping?

Take a measuring tape and measure the length and width of your room. We suggest either having all your furniture on the rug and adding at least 20 cm beyond each piece or allowing your furniture to be half on or half off the rug.

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What to avoid when buying an area rug?

We recommend avoiding darker colours, as this can cause the room to feel smaller and more confined. It's also key to steer clear of a rug that’s too small, as this can make the room appear much smaller.

Final thoughts on buying rugs

  • Understanding rug-related terminology, such as 'pile', 'weave', 'yarn', 'backing', and 'edging', makes the shopping experience much easier.
  • In-store shopping offers a touch-and-see experience, while online shopping offers a vast selection and convenience.
  • The right rug can significantly impact the aesthetics and functionality of your space, so take time to consider factors like size and shape, style, pile, and maintenance requirements before purchase.

If you still have questions, why book a complimentary rug consultation with one of our designers, who will help you pick the right rug for your space? Explore our luxurious wool rug collection here if you're ready to start looking at rugs.