5 Elegant Hallway Rug Ideas To Elevate Your Entryway

A hallway is where you welcome everyone into your home and provide a first impression of your interior style. A luxurious woollen hallway rug instantly adds warmth and personality to your space, making your guests feel at home.

In addition to being a stylish addition to your entryway, hallway rugs also serve a practical purpose by helping to dampen acoustics and minimise footstep noise by softening your hard flooring.

But what style of rug is best for a hallway? What colours are on-trend? How should a rug fit in the hallway? These are some of the big questions you might ask while looking for inspiration online. We have you covered. This is your ultimate guide to runner rug ideas which answers all of the above.

We've also included some valuable insights from our Product Consultant, Lily Ng, on how to use a rug in a hallway effectively to maximise the aesthetic appeal of the space.

Here's everything you'll discover:

What is a runner rug?

A runner is a long, narrow rug designed for narrow spaces like hallways, entryways and staircases. Also called hallway rugs, runners add a layer of comfort and style and are great for high-traffic areas as they protect your floors from wear and help reduce noise.

They usually come in a rectangular shape, but you can also find hallways rugs in unusual shapes like an oval.

Explore our hallway rug collection here.

How should a hallway rug fit?

A hallway rug, or runner, should fit centrally in your hallway with equal amounts of flooring visible on either side. They are usually 182cm to 426cm long, but the length can vary based on your hallway's dimensions.

Ideally, it should stop short of the walls by several inches to frame the space.

Want to know more about runner rug placement? Give this detailed guide on Hallway Rug Design Tips a read.

5 Modern Runner Rug Ideas For Every Type Of Kiwi Home

Now that we have the basics covered, let's explore the five ideas for placing hallway rugs.

1. Black And White Hallway Rugs

The Lisburn Rug in Venise with black edging

Elevate your hallway with the timeless elegance of a black and white wool runner rug. This classic contrast effortlessly complements any design scheme while adding a touch of luxury and sophistication.
Discover bold geometric patterns or opt for a minimalist white rug with sleek black edging, like our stunning Lisburn Rug in Venise complemented with a sleek black edging.

With a monochromatic rug, you have the freedom to unleash your creativity in your hallway. Experiment with vibrant accents and textures, from patterned wallpaper to bold art pieces, lush plants and stylish mirrors.

2. Bright-Coloured Runner Rugs

The Galet Rug in the shade ‘Sage’

If you're not into neutrals and monotonous tones, bring a touch of vibrancy to your hallway with a colourful runner rug and watch your space transform into a lively, inviting area.

Opt for bold blues, warm oranges or rich greens like our Galet Rug in Sage.

Here are the brightest, most vibrant colours you'll see in our collection.

Clay Sage Sienna Indigo

3. Bespoke Runner Rugs Made-To-Measure

The Braided River Rug in the shade Rakaia customised for this unique hallway.

Instead of going for a standard-sized rug, why not try a bespoke hallway rug from Bremworth that's perfectly tailored to the dimensions of your entryway. This addition is perfect for long hallways or particularly small ones.

At Bremworth, you have the freedom to customise a natural wool rug in a variety of colours and sizes to suit your home's aesthetic.

4. Contrasting Hallway Rugs 

The Samurai rug in Midori
You don't always have to go for a perfectly coordinated hallway rug - you can choose contrasting colours and patterns to build intrigue or a slightly different tone to complement an existing colour palette.

A contrasting runner can accentuate hallway furniture like console tables and benches, décor pieces and even floors, like how this Samurai rug in Midori helps to bring out the rich tones of the hardwood floors.

5. Modern Minimalist Runner Rugs

The Armure rug in the shade 'Delta'.

If you appreciate clean lines, timeless sophistication, and a serene ambience, a modern minimalist runner would be a perfect option.

Opt for runners in pristine white, subtle beige, or soothing grey, and harmonise them with neutral furniture. This refined colour palette radiates elegance and tranquillity, creating the perfect welcome.

Here are a few of the neutral shades you'll see in our collections.

Parchment Simoon Cambric Surah

How To Use A Hallway Rug: Style Tips From A Kiwi Interior Designer

We asked Lily Ng, Bremworth's very own interior designer and product consultant, some of the biggest questions people have when it comes to styling hallway rugs. Here's what she had to say;

What Is The Best Colour For A Hallway Rug?

Bremworth designer, Lily Ng, creates a mood board using one of our rug samples together with some décor elements to find the best colour for a hallway rug.

The key to selecting the best colour for a rug, as Lily says, is to "always choose a colour that you love". She recommends using a piece of artwork or a favourite piece of furniture in the entryway as a starting point to create a colour palette.

Order samples of your favourite Bremworth rugs online - your first three are free! - and together with the key elements of your hallway, like the wallpaper, create a mood board just to make sure that your runner rug and the rest of the elements look cohesive. Here's Lily explaining how to do that in this video from our Designer Series.

What Is The Most Popular Rug Colour?

"The most popular rug colours in New Zealand are similar to carpet colours- beige and greys. However, for a coloured carpet - green is quite popular as a new neutral. For Bremworth, our most popular rug colours are within our Galet range, in the light grey Dolomite and Sage, a rich forest green.

Dolomite Sage

Should The Hallway Rug Be Lighter Or Darker Than The Furniture?

"There’s no right or wrong answer for this," says designer Lily Ng, adding that "it fully depends on the furniture you have. If you have a darker piece of furniture, it’s best to opt for a lighter rug. Perhaps find something the same hue and either go lighter or darker.

Wrap-up on the 5 Elegant Hallway Rug Ideas

We hope you found these modern hallway rug ideas inspiring. In short;

      • A runner rug is a long rug designed for narrow spaces such as hallways and entryways.
      • Hallway rugs should be centrally located in the hallway, with equal amounts of flooring visible on both sides.
      • Black and white rugs are timeless and add elegance and sophistication to any design scheme.
      • Colourful runner rugs can bring vibrancy and personality to a hallway.
      • Bespoke hallway rugs can be customised to fit perfectly and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space.
      • Contrasting runner rugs can accentuate décor pieces and furniture in the hallway.
      • Modern minimalist runner rugs in neutral shades such as white and grey create a serene ambience.
      • Popular rug colours in New Zealand are beige, grey, and forest green.

    If you still have questions, why not book a complimentary rug consultation with one of our designers, who'll help you pick the right-sized rug for your hallway and give more advice on how to fit it in your space? Ready to shop for rugs? Head over to our hallway rug collection here.