5 Beautiful Bedroom Rug Ideas- How to Style A Bedroom Rug Effortlessly

Wool rugs can bring warmth, cosiness and style to any room, especially when they are made out of 100% NZ-grown wool and designed by Kiwi artisans. Adding a rug to your bedroom is a great way to add texture and style to your space or even provide extra insulation from cold floors during winter months. If you are searching for bedroom rug ideas for inspiration, you've come to the right place! Here, our interior designers and consultants have compiled this list of five ideas for bedroom rugs that are timeless and sophisticated.

We've also covered some very useful insights as to why wool rugs are great for bedrooms and answered some of the biggest questions about styling bedroom rugs.

Here's what you'll discover,
Why Wool Rugs Are Perfect For The Bedroom
5 Bedroom Rug Ideas: How To Style A Bedroom Rug Effortlessly
Choosing Bedroom Rugs: Know All About Bedroom Rug Sizes, Types and Shapes
What’s The Best Kind Of Rug For A Bedroom?
How Do You Place A Rug In A Bedroom?
What Size Rug Should I Pick For A Bedroom?

Why Wool Rugs Are Perfect For The Bedroom

These four reasons will make you feel better about investing in a wool rug for your bedroom.

☑ Keeps your bedroom floors warm: Walking on cold hardwood floors isn't fun, especially on chilly winter days. Wool is a fantastic thermal insulator. It helps keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer, plus it can save you 8-13% on heating and cooling costs.*

☑ It's tough on stains: While spills and stains don't happen very often in the bedroom, it's still a good idea to invest in stain-resistant rugs. Wool is naturally stain and soil resistant, which means it’s easy to clean, and you can remove most spills with just water.

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☑ Keeps your bedroom quiet: Sheep wool has excellent sound-absorbing properties that help to make spaces quieter and more comfortable. Doesn’t that sound nice?

☑ It's hypoallergenic: There’s nothing quite like the feel of wool. It's unlikely to cause allergic reactions* as it's resistant to dust mites and other allergens. So it's perfect for people with allergies.

Those are just four of the many benefits of wool rugs. Click here to find out more reasons to love wool rugs.

Now that we know wool rugs are the perfect choice for your bedroom, let's get into the fun stuff - how to style 5 cool rugs for the bedroom.

5 Bedroom Rug Ideas: How To Style A Bedroom Rug Effortlessly

1. Place rugs on top of the carpet

Yes, you can have a rug and carpet together! Placing a rug on top of a carpet can create a stunning layered effect, particularly if you choose a neutral or matching hue.

2. Create a calm oasis with a minimalist white rug

Samurai Rug in Pyua

White rugs are a classic choice for the bedroom, especially if you want to create a calm, neutral haven.
White rugs also go well in a room with lots of colour and pop as they can bring a sense of balance to the space. Our Samurai Rug in Pyua is a perfect example of that.

3. Match with your walls or furniture

Charmeuse Rug in Clay

Match your bedroom rug with the colours of your furniture and walls to create a sophisticated, cohesive look. But, rather than matching them exactly, choose complementary hues from the same colour family, adding a subtle touch of contrast for a stylish finish.

4. Bring a pop of colour with bright-coloured rugs

Galet Rug in Sienna

Your bedroom wool rug can also be a colourful statement piece. If neutrals aren't your personal style, you can go for a fun, bright colour to liven up your space.

Our Galet and Charmeuse bedroom rugs can be customised into vibrant, on-trend colours such as woodland green, warm clay and sienna shades, sage green and indigo.

Clay Sage Sienna Indigo 

Soften the room with a round rug

Lattice Rug in Antico

A round rug in a bedroom can make the space feel softer and more inviting. According to the principle of 'Chi' (energy flow) in Feng Shui, rounded rugs can soften the hard lines in space and help create a fluid movement that restores harmony and balance.

If you want to know more about round rugs, we recommend checking out this guide: How To Use A Round Rug Successfully & Stylishly


Choosing Bedroom Rugs: Know All About Bedroom Rug Sizes, Types and Shapes

What is the best kind of rug for a bedroom?

Because bedrooms receive the least amount of traffic compared to other rooms like the lounge or kitchen, a plush, a high-pile wool rug would be the best option. Just think of sinking your feet into a warm, soft, chunky loop wool rug in the morning like our Tussore rug.

Wool rugs have excellent thermal insulation and sound absorption properties, making them a perfect fit.

How do you place a rug in a bedroom?

There are two ways to place a wool rug in your bedroom;

#1 Under the bed

Start your rug around 10cm from your bedside tables (depending on your bed and room size). This means your rug will sit underneath the lower two-thirds of your bed and stretch out beyond the foot of the bed.

Opt for symmetry so your rug extends equally on the sides and foot end of your bed by at least 50cm. This makes your rug feel in proportion with the room.

#2 Right at the head of the bed

Start your rug at the head of your bed so it's touching the wall. This means your bedside tables will sit on the rug.

Opt for symmetry so your rug extends equally on the sides and foot end of your bed by at least 50cm (depending on the size of your bed and room). This makes your rug feel in proportion with the room.

More bedroom rug placement tips.

What size rug should I pick for a bedroom?

This can depend on the size of your bedroom and bed. At Bremworth, we recommend that the bedroom rug should extend equally on the sides and foot end of your bed by at least 50cm, regardless of whether it's laid under the bed or at the head of the bed.

See our Size and Shape Guide for more insights.

We hope this guide has been both an inspirational and helpful part of your rug-buying journey. If you're ready to browse, head over to our rug collection here and see a range of luxurious feel rugs made from 100% NZ-grown wool.

But, if you still have more questions, and need more info, book a complimentary consultation here with one of our interior designers, who can direct you to your dream bedroom rug.